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Harlock Media

Creative and commercial photography

Building trust online with your customers means creating human connections with them. Therefore it's essential that the audience of your business learn how hard and consciously you and your staff work every day to provide them with the best products and services.

At Harlock Media we provide affordable web photography service to local businesses because we want the images you’ll get to match your business personality and your website. Also, you can keep consistency throughout your social media by using professional images designed to reach your customers.

Creative Portraits

Show the World who you actually are. We believe in real, fantastic and authentic human beings. You started a business because you have something to offer to the Fresno, CA community. Let’s show them!

It doesn't matter what you do for a living, we are committed to creativity and to find the best way to communicate how you perform your craft through images.

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Business Photography

Do you own a workshop, a store, or maybe a restaurant or any other kind of venue in Fresno, CA and surrounding areas? We can help you to make that connection with your customers. Show them the human side of your business, the people who work there, how they perform and the process they go through to deliver the best service and/or product.

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Photography services for homeowners, landlords, estate agents and Airbnb hosts

We’ll work with you to get the best out of the features of the property, ensuring rooms are neatly presented and appear as light, airy and spacious as possible, making your home, interior design or Airbnb look appealing to your audience in Fresno, CA.

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